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About Treasure Dough

Welcome to We are Annelise and Rebecca, two girls who love to make hand-crafted dough jewelry.

From Italian jewelry dough to paper dough to salt dough to bread dough, we have experience of working with jewelry dough of all types. We have a range of dough recipes that we share with you that work well for us, enabling us to create complicated designs that really work.

We have designed a range of products including bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, brooches and more. We make jewelry for all occasions including heart shaped gifts for Valentine’s day and wedding days as well as birthdays and holidays. Whatever the occasion, we use jewelry dough to create unique, bespoke gifts that suit the style of the individual, from single pieces to jewelry sets.

We love what we do. The creativity, the fun and the learning. We want to share this with you, so that you too can start making your own hand-crafted dough jewelry. We’ve created our own recipes and pass on all the tips to achieve the best results.

You will find something for everyone interested in jewelry dough, novice or experienced, at Starting with simple salt dough decorations using the contents from your cupboards and a few cookie cutters through to ornate jewelry pieces that can sparkle with gems or glitter, we have tips to help you get the best results.

We have made mistakes and learned from them, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and can get better results in a faster time. These include fast-drying tricks for salt dough, how to keep your flower designs in place whilst they dry and how to color your designs for a professional touch.

Keep coming back for more recipes, tips and new jewelry ideas for all occasions.

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How to Make Jewelry Dough

salt dough for jewelry

Jewelry dough is a simple way to make all kinds of jewelry that will be entirely unique. You can create pieces of any size for yourself, friends and family. There are various recipes for making jewelry dough that can be sculpted into your own designs. Our recipes includes Italian jewelry dough and a salt dough.

For the recipes given here, once the dough is completed it can be manipulated and sculptured on waxed paper to create the kinds of jewelry pieces you want. These doughs are perfect for necklace beads, brooches and wherever your imagination takes you. If you intend to make a necklace with the dough, do not forget to add holes before the dough is fully dried.

Colour can be added at different stages, depending on the dough you use. With Italian jewelry dough color can be added at the mixing stage. With salt dough, it is best to wait after the dough has rested for one day. Alternatively, you can decorate with color once you have sculptured your piece.

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